Enter a Mouse, Exit a Butterfly

Who doesn’t love a visit to the hairdresser?

I inevitably walk in feeling rather ordinary, mouse grey roots more or less disguised with a clever comb over and plenty of product holding it in place, having left it a week or so too long between colours. I should make appointments closer together now that my hair is so short, but you know how it is, life gets in the way and a good colour takes time.

A couple of hours later, I emerge like a butterfly from her chrysalis, feeling fresh and beautiful (well, much improved anyway), my new doo sleek, fresh and feeling deliciously soft. I then attempt to go as long as possible before washing it in an attempt to maintain that just-done-at-the-hairdresser-look and feel which simply cannot be replicated at home, no matter how hard I try.

Us women are very picky about hairdressers and incredibly loyal when we find someone we can trust to do an amazing job. After all, like it or not, our perceived appearance often has the power to boost or shatter our confidence, thus affecting every aspect of our lives, as recently illustrated by my Wearing Clothes Everyday Challenge and the 2018 film I Feel Pretty.

Living in Sydney, I never had hairdresser dramas; each time I moved, I changed hairdressers and was happy with the results. I went through the usual experimenting with styles, everything from a short burgundy bob to a long golden blonde version of the ‘Rachel’.

However, arriving on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, it was a very different story. It took several dodgy haircuts at different hairdressers, including a cut ear, before discovering my current hairdresser over ten years ago. I’ve followed Brooke to three different locations and couldn’t possibly consider going to anyone else. She has cut, coloured and styled me from long caramel blonde to short funky asymmetrical chestnut. She gently guided me back to mid-length golden blonde when dark colours became too high maintenance as greys started appearing at an astonishing rate. Gradual decreases in length resulted in various bobs and most recently another short asymmetrical cut, this time platinum blonde. Brooke styled my daughter for her Sweet 16 and Year Twelve formal, as well as myself for a ball or two, always making us look and feel fabulous.

Regular visits to a hairdresser over a long period of time means you get to know each other quite well. Hairdressers become confidantes, sounding boards, therapists and so much more, all for the price of a haircut. They are someone to celebrate and commiserate with through life’s ups and downs. With children of similar ages, we have shared family dramas, compared notes about growing offspring and followed their progress from childhood through teen years and into adulthood. We’ve shared our dreams and disappointments as Brooke has worked her hairdresser magic on my unruly mane.

A simple trip to the hairdresser is so much more than just that.

What do you most enjoy about a visit to the hairdresser?

Anna xo

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