“Stay close, I don’t want to lose you” – drawing holiday memories.

Our dream holiday did not start well. A slight flight delay resulted in an unplanned 24 hour stopover in Hong Kong, albeit at the airline’s expense. A night’s accommodation and a half day tour at our intended destination were lost but we gained an afternoon visiting the Big Buddha on Lantau Island.

In transit, I read a couple of articles in Issue 21 of Flow Magazine about traveller artists drawing and embroidering holiday memories, rather than photographing them. I love the idea of embroidered postcards but don’t have the time, patience or required materials. Not an option for me.

Caroline Buijis has found she remembers more details when drawing rather than photographing and reassures that no talent is required. As she says, “It doesn’t have to be perfect. A funny little drawing is still better than no drawing at all.” She suggests our senses are awakened whilst drawing, enabling us to take in more in the moment and remember more details at a later time.

Thankfully, Flow has me covered and provided a mini sketchbook within its’ pages.

This holiday, I’d already decided to take less photos and concentrate on being in the moment and enjoying it, rather than recording the moment. Although I have almost zero artistic talent, I like the idea of drawing small sketches of holiday experiences and memories. Why not make some funny little drawings for myself?

My first funny little drawing has a funny little story to accompany it.

Allow me to set the scene: Entering the customs hall at Hong Kong airport, we joined hundreds of fellow travellers, filled out our immigration forms and found our ‘all other passports’ line. I always stand out in Asian countries at just under six foot tall, with blonde hair, blue eyes and very pale skin. This trip, I stand out even more, as I’ve gone platinum blonde. My husband became concerned we might get separated and commented, “Stay close, I wouldn’t want to lose you.” I appreciate his concern and the love behind it, I really do. As lovely as this sentiment was, it was also totally unnecessary. A quick scan of the large, crowded room revealed I was, in fact, the ONLY person in the whole area with white hair. Amongst a sea of humanity, with all shades of black and brown hair, there was absolutely NO chance of him losing me whatsoever!

PS: I really appreciate you not laughing at my drawing.

Anna xo

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