But is it really worth the effort?

Whilst planning a low-key family celebration for my son’s eighteenth birthday, I showed my husband a picture of the cupcakes I intended to make. His response: “That’s way too much effort and he won’t appreciate it. Just buy a cake.” When I replied that I really wanted to do this, he asked, “But is it really worth the effort?”

Oh, how my heart ached to hear those words. You see, I believe going to effort to make something special for someone you love is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. Due to work pressures, I often don’t have the time but this week I was not working, so had no such pressures (or excuses). Yes, it is quicker, easier and sometimes cheaper to buy a cake, but it’s just not the same as making one. These cakes were to be a gift from me, made with love. I was on the receiving end of a similar gift for my own birhday earlier this year and it meant the world to me. Furthermore, my son, the baby of our family, is now an adult and my years of making novelty cakes are almost over.

My answer is YES, it is definitely worth the effort.

Worth spending the extra time I was blessed to have.

Worth the love to make something special for someone I love.

Worth the enjoyment of being creative.

Worth the satisfaction in a job well done.

Worth it for everyone to enjoy.

Worth it to see the small smile creep across his all-grown-up-now face when he saw the finished product. (He is not the demonstrative type at all, so that was huge.)

Worth it to see my sister and niece both taking photos and Mum asking for someone to send a copy to her.

Worth it to see a tray of cute cupcake burgers and fries and know that I made them.


Worth it to show off my creations on social media and await those ego-boosting comments. (Don’t laugh at me, you’ve probably done it too.)

Worth it on so many levels and for so many reasons, but most importantly:

Worth it to be able to still do something for an adult child who doesn’t want much to do with me any more.

Yes, it really IS worth the effort, whatever that effort may be, because he’s my child and he will always be worth it.

Anna xo

Want to give it a go yourself? Inspiration, instructions and templates were all found here at Bakerella.


  1. Everyone has different languages of love, and for those of us whose language is food or service, it’s ABSOLUTELY worth the effort every time; learning how we express love to others is integral to ensuring we’re happy- but others’ learning how we express our love is integral to makes sure THEY know we do love them, especially when we have different languages ❤


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