All I want for Christmas is . . . . #BLOGMAS Day 3

My paternal grandparents would often provide more expensive items whilst my parents crossed other items off my ‘list’. In addition to a couple of requested gifts, my siblings and I always received new underwear and school stationery in our Santa sacks each Christmas morning.

My own children received things as they needed or wanted them throughout the year, so Christmas was celebrated but gifts were never extravagant. We often holidayed close to Christmas and these experiences became the main gifts for those years, with token gifts to open on Christmas Day with a stocking full of novelty items if we were at home.

I live a blessed life, with everything I need and so much more. I take so much for granted that others long to experience. I don’t NEED anything and the reality is I can buy myself most things I WANT, when I want them, no need to wait for Christmas. I don’t really have a Christmas gift wish list and, to be painfully honest, would sometimes prefer not to receive the few gifts I do get. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE presents provided they are three things – thoughtful, useful and beautiful. I try to achieve all three criteria when selecting gifts to give, although I’m sure I often fail.

My Christmas Gift Wish List

this year is short and simple, with only a few consumer items.  Keep in mind, I’ll probably end up buying those consumer items for myself during post-Christmas sales or simply make do without them.

Time to be still, relax and wind down at the end of a busy school year. A day or so of not leaving the house and not having to interact with anyone is heaven to this introvert. After weeks of constant interactions, decision making and conflict resolutions, I am totally exhausted and ready to collapse into a heap. This image really is me at the beginning of every school holiday and I need time to recharge.introvert

Walks along the beach and swims in the ocean. Despite living so close to the beach, I rarely visit it but feel so much better when I do. I think I’ll set a holiday goal of at least one beach walk and swim each week. beach

Holiday sleep-ins. This is a tricky one, with sunrise before 5am and the sky lightening well before that at this time of year. But I can wish, right?

Long overdue holiday catch ups with family and friends. (Once I’ve had enough introverting of course.)

Being made to feel loved, appreciated and special, whether by a verbal comment, a lovely handwritten message in a card, a small gift of something I love, or a homemade treat. On the flip side, I hope to make others feel appreciated by writing personal messages in cards and gifting small treats.

A new watch – a traditional analogue one, free from any fancy digital features, apps or connectivity. I’ve bought a few cheap ones this year, but they only lasted a few months, so would like to invest in a reasonable quality one for next year.

A black handbag. I haven’t had a black handbag for a while now. I recently discovered Share the Dignity sells a small selection of handbags which contribute to their work to end period poverty, so have my eye on one of those. If you’re in the market for a new handbag, why not take a look?

A small laptop, mainly for writing. I currently use my work laptop for everything. However, no teaching contract lined up for next year also means no computer. Our current home one is so old and slow, with keys which stick and time lag whilst typing, so I really would love to get one of my own.

What’s on your Christmas Gift wish list this year?

Anna xo

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