Christmas loves and hates – #BLOGMAS Day 7

Christmas can be a time of extremes. For some, it’s a time of joy and love, of celebration with family and friends; for others a time of sadness as they spend Christmas alone and consider what is missing from their lives. Retail workers probably experience more stress over this period than any other time of the year. Others don’t celebrate Christmas at all and somehow manage to remain largely unaffected by the craziness going on all around them. Christmas can dredge up old memories, both good and bad and renew mourning for lost dreams. For me, Christmas is a positive time, a time of celebration and sharing with family and friends, of largely happy memories. So, what do I love and hate most about it?


Christmas favourites:

The story of Jesus’ arrival as a human baby and the ultimate gift to humankind.

A focus on ‘giving’, as God gave Jesus to us. This includes giving to family and friends and expressing gratitude to those who have helped throughout the year. I especially appreciate opportunities to contribute to Christmas charities, to bring a little light into the life of others doing it tough.

Holidays and time to relax, recharge  and enjoy time with family and friends

Christmas dislikes:

Increasing commercialism, consumerism and a focus by many on ‘getting’. I admit, I’m guilty of contributing to this, as I bought new tree baubles only last week and do love to receive the occasional gift. It saddens me to see some children consumed by what Santa is bringing and missing out on the joy of beach crowds

Post-Christmas holiday crowds. Living in a popular beach-side holiday destination, Christmas means crowds everywhere, queues in shops and difficulty parking, increased traffic congestion and longer travel times. There are certain roads, cafes and beaches we avoid for the entire Christmas holidays.

What do YOU love and hate most about Christmas?

Anna xo


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