You’re invited! (to view my Christmas decor) – #BLOGMAS Day 19.

Welcome to my little home. Please follow me as I share my Christmas decor.

I love the idea of a door wreath to welcome guests and have one for Christmas and Easter. This one was a house warming gift from my sister.

Once inside, a little Santa hides at the foot of my fiddle leaf fig, pretending to be a garden gnome. Can you spot him?

As a guest, you’ll need to look up the stairwell to see the family Christmas stockings, but we get to see them every time we use the stairs. Yes, the furbaby has one too, but his isn’t handmade.

On entering the open plan living area, the Christmas Tree takes pride of place, beside a seat worthy of Santa himself. Today, it’s your seat. Please, sit, relax and enjoy this drink of ****** I prepared for you. (insert your favourite drink) Would you like a chocolate or some gingerbread with it?

You’ll find other decorations as your eyes scan this room.

Of course, we all need this little reminder, gifted to me years ago by a colleague. It hangs on the door to the toilet, for reminders throughout the day.

Even bathrooms need a festive touch.

Although not strictly speaking a decor item, I’m loving my Christmas Rose handwash and festive packaging, located for all to see on the kitchen sink. After all, we all need a little sparkle in our lives.

I hope you enjoyed your visit. Please come again.

Me enjoying my Christmas decor with a glass of chilled eggnog.

Anna xo

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