Christmas jumper? Hardly, it’s 35’C outside! – #BLOGMAS Day 21

It’s certainly not jumper weather here, so no Christmas jumpers are anywhere in sight.

However, Christmas pyjamas are popular in our house, at least with me. (more about that on Day 24) This year, I was excited to find some pyjama pants for me with tropical Santas sipping on cocktails under palm trees, making sand angels and sand men, rather than the snowy northern hemisphere versions. Cheers, Santa! (Please excuse the creases; I never iron pjs.)

Christmas in Australia wouldn’t be complete without at least one Christmas T-shirt. A work staple for sales assistants and others, you see them everywhere. Sadly, my Hello Kitty one I’d worn for many years needed to be retired after last Christmas. This year I have two new ones, both featuring animal puns.

Do you own any Christmas themed clothing or insist your family members do?

Anna xo

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